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Our work is about you.

During her residency, Dr. DiStefano was deeply inspired by the courage, resilience, and commitment of the chronic pain patients she treated. That inspiration, coupled with her empathetic understanding of the debilitating nature of such conditions, is what led her to craft a practice that focuses completely on helping people with chronic pain regain their ability to live life fully, without having to resort to narcotics or invasive surgery.

We understand that living with chronic pain changes every aspect of your life, from the way you experience everyday moments to how you’re able to participate in major life events. When you are constantly consumed by the need to manage your pain, it’s difficult—if not impossible—to muster the energy to pay attention to the rest of your life, or the people in it.


At Pain Treatment Specialists we want to change people’s lives for the better.

We do this by providing them with the treatment, tools, and personalized support that they need to take charge of their health and increase their quality of life.

We help our patients improve on their own terms, and provide sustainable solutions that help them reclaim their vitality and strength so they can go on to live their best life.

The daily nature of chronic pain is the challenge we confront every day—one person, one chronic pain condition at a time.

The people we work with are tired of suffering. They are tired of waiting. They are tired of holding themselves back and watching life pass them by. They are often frustrated and sometimes unable to feel hope, but wherever they are in their journey, we are here to help them regain their life. For some, that might mean getting back to the gym on a regular basis. For others, it might mean being able to enjoy their grandchildren more fully. Each person has his or her own story and goals—travel, gardening, hiking, learning to dance, and countless others. And sometimes it’s just about being able to carry in the groceries on their own.

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