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You need a doctor. You deserve an ally.

Our approach to treating chronic pain gives you both.

Chronic pain conditions are complex. Their deeply embedded symptoms insinuate themselves into every aspect of your life. To be effective, chronic pain treatments need to be equally as comprehensive and integrated, and built on a truly personal and collaborative patient/doctor partnership.

This foundational partnership is critical because there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for chronic pain. Each patient and each condition is unique. Finding the right solution is a process, one that we know can be frustrating if you feel like you have already tried everything and nothing has worked.

Our approach uses evidence-based treatments expertly combined with complementary modalities. This in-depth way of treating chronic pain allows us to empower and support each patient with a fully customized plan to restore strength, freedom, and independence.

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A Doctor With the Right Skills, Training, and Philosophy

Dr. DiStefano is a highly skilled, fellowship-trained physician. The breadth of her expertise combined with her deep, specialized focus on pain management ensures that her patients have access to the widest range of treatment options. As a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and someone with an impressive amount of hands-on experience, Dr. DiStefano is also actively engaged in ongoing learning to ensure that she is up to date on all the latest studies, techniques, and research.

To complement her medical credentials, Dr. DiStefano employs deep listening skills, an unhurried approach, and a commitment to developing genuine and compassionate patient/doctor relationships in all her patient encounters. These traits have earned her her patients’ trust. Her rare combination of clinical excellence and true empathy allows her to support healing on all levels.

Dr. DiStefano’s collaborative approach to treatment ensures

   full transparency
   a two-way dialog
   an open invitation to ask questions at any point in the process.

A Holistic, Personalized, Minimally Invasive Approach

Mitigating and managing pain successfully requires a holistic approach that uses all the right treatments in the right combination. Dr. DiStefano has extensive training and experience with a wide range of minimally invasive procedures that can make a real difference in her patients’ lives. These outpatient procedures typically offer substantially less down time, a faster recovery, and reduced physical and emotional stress. In addition, data shows that minimally invasive procedures carry much lower infection and complication rates than traditional types of surgery.

In addition to these core procedural services, Dr. DiStefano supports her patients with the customized integration of other modalities based on a careful assessment of each patient’s specific needs, lifestyle, and capabilities. This personalized approach allows her to fine-tune treatment through the careful application of every available tool.

A Team and a Process You Can Trust

To help ensure the best possible patient outcomes, Dr. DiStefano uses state-of-the-art equipment that not only delivers the best results, but does so with maximum comfort and safety. And well before providing any active treatment, she and her team provide each patient with a comprehensive overview of all the available options, as well as the associated pros, cons, and risk-versus-benefit scale.

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